Live Reviews

“Ye Nuns were ace! “- The Spectator

“All female Monks tribute band Ye Nuns are fantastic. Way better than any obsolescent nu-garage rock revolution group I’ve ever seen.” The Quietus

“Ye Nuns serve every note fresh, inspired, urgent and excitable. Not one stitch dropped.” LouderThanWar

“It is a show, a splash of bold in a cold, cruel world; a place you grin with strangers; wriggle hips and twist like someone’s Dad at a wedding. And the reason hipsters allow themselves this uncharacteristic behaviour is this: the music is fine, bad ass garage rock and roll, played with flair, experience and total confidence, and with unexpected psychedelic twists and turns (‘Monk Time’, ‘Complication’), or delicious punk tantrums (‘Cuckoo’, ‘Shut Up’).” The Girls Are

Reviews of Nun More Black

Original Monk Eddie Shaw reviewed our album!!

“It’s more punk than you, punk. Forget about the other junk. It’s brilliantly realised and, in being brilliantly realised, it puts everything else in perspective. It makes Can sound like Can. It makes The Fall sound like The Fall. It makes The Monks sound like The Monks. It trips me trigger, butters me daisies and sends me out sniffing into the long grass in search of A GOOD TIME. ” Everett True, Collapseboard

“If you buy one record by a tribute band this lifetime, best make it this one eh?” Kev Nickells Freq

“You should already know the songs; the Nuns bless them with a fiery passion and electric mayhem, and even an anarchic riot grrrl sassiness. They’re not real nuns, but this record is an honest-to-god miracle.” SoundsXP

“Okay, this ain’t as riot crude as Pussy Galore’s-Exile-On-Main-Street-as executed-by-the-Ronettes as we’d hoped, but it’s a great stab all the same: guitars are buzzing and the snare crackles. Nice bottom end fuzz everywhere too, especially where it counts (like on ”I Hate You”)” Fuckinrecordreviews